Scotty Cameron Putters 2015

Scotty Cameron Putters 2015

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Scotty Cameron 2015

The Scotty Cameron Putters for 2015 are emerging to be another success. Some of the new ideas have revealed by Mr.Scotty Cameron, He often uses the PGA Tour Pro's to get their ideas and creates his new models around the suggestions made by the guys that are currently using his putters on tour. Mr Cameron has made some strides in the mallet series of Scotty Cameron putters , here are some of the new look GoLo series additions to the putters for 2015.

Studio Select Roundback
 The latest addition to the  Studio Select series in 2015 is the Roundback, this is now available in 33,34 and 35 inches in length , it is a mid mallet putter and features an innovative aluminum sole with crisscross sight lines that pop through the head. Sight lines positioned parallel and perpendicular to the face deliver visual confidence for improved alignment.

He has looked at removing the seam that inserts below the center of the face and he calls this the Face- Sole- Core.

The Face- Sole- Core will come in the Silver Mist finish and with the Matador Red Midsize Grip and are all now available. The latest addition to the GoLo family is made up of anodized aluminum and then wrapped with the heavier 303- stainless steel frame and joined with a vibration dampening system give these putter a much softer feel than the previous GoLo putters.  They have a new four-way sole design so the putter sits dead center at address.
Scotty Cameron Milled Putters

The GoLo3

The 2015 GoLo 3 has a new look, the GOLO 3 is a modern, heel-shafted mid-mallet that employs the new GOLO line’s innovative aluminum and steel face-sole core technology to offer some forgiveness in a game that can be anything but. Advanced perimeter weighting integrated with aircraft-grade aluminum produces high MOI and delivers remarkable stability and forgiveness at impact.
  • Four-way sole relief eliminates snagging on the ground
  • Mid mallet shape with heel-shafted neck that provides maximum toe flow

The GoLo 5

The new look 2015 GoLo 5 with a new chassis, all-new bodywork and completely new engineering, the GOLO 5 is a marvel of modern putter making and another excellent expression of Scotty's pursuit of the Art of Putting.

Pay special mind to the clean, single bend shaft that provides full top-line visibility and aligns directly down the target line. Setup is a breeze with the gunmetal gray anodized face and pop-through flange sight line perfectly contrasted against the misted 303 stainless steel body. Inspiration meets execution for a putter that’s a proven performer..

This is available in 33, 34, 35 inches in length and then there is the GoLo 5DB which is 38 inches in length as a Dual Balance model.

The GoLo 5R

This is very similar to the GoLo 5 model the GoLo 5R (2015) model but in a more rounded shape,.
  • Lengths: 33 Inch • 34 Inch • 35 Inch
  • Precision-milled from the highest quality 303 stainless steel
  • Advanced perimeter weighting adds stability and forgiveness
  • Face-sole core construction features a lightweight aluminum insert that forms the entire putter face
  • New vibration dampening technology achieves a seamless integration between the aluminum core and steel frame
  • Four-way sole relief eliminates snagging on the ground
  • Slightly larger mallet shape with a traditional round back without extra horizontal sight lines
  • Matador Red Midsize grip 

 The GoLo 6

The new Scotty Cameron GoLo 6  has a B shape to it, it has a single bend in it's stainless steel offset shaft and will be available in 33,34 or 35 inches in length.

Face-sole core construction features a lightweight aluminum insert that forms the entire putter face .

New vibration dampening technology achieves a seamless integration between the aluminum core and steel frame.

 This 100% milled in America masterwork is the throwback player's new high-tech putter

The previous Scotty Cameron models that are still available..

The Scotty Cameron Futura X5 and the X5R are the newest range of Scotty Cameron 2015 putters, these are constructed with a precision milled 303 stainless steel body with an aluminum sole.
The X model and the X5 also has a Dual Balance  has a counter balanced weights in the grip end of it's long shaft, providing a solid and stable putting stroke.

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They feature a modern, angled, wing back mallet design with vertical and horizontal sight lines for alignment. The unique head design features advanced perimeter stability weighting which combines a balance bar with deep heel-toe weighting and additional perimeter weighting under the face.

Every year Scotty Cameron bring out a few Limited Release putters and in 2015 Scotty Cameron have a putter for the ladies, called My Girl, this is a Select 2 model. This is set up to play with a design aesthetic focused on elegance. There are only 1,250 of these putters available.

The Scotty Cameron 2014 had a merging of many of the styles, now there are 3 main styles to choose from.

The very popular Scotty Cameron Select models remain with a revamp of the Fastback and Squareback models and now the Roundback, but the Newport, Newport 2 and the Newport 2.5 were only slightly changed. No need to change a really good product.

The 2014 Scotty Cameron GoLo series had several differences and Scotty Cameron now has 3 different standard sizes for us to choose from, the GoLo 3, GoLo 5, GoLo 5R and the GoLo 7.They have a clean, tour-preferred appearance that flows from the shaft down through the top line, continuing down through the curved back, which flows to the ground.

Choosing the right putter for you is extremely important, you need to take into account the length, weight, shape of the putters and your stroke.

Let me know in the comments below what you would like to see in the Scotty Cameron Putters for 2015

Interesting Fact: Mr. Scotty Cameron uses his heal shafted muscle back GoLo3 and switches to the Dual Balance Futura X occasionally.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Scotty Cameron Gallery

The Scotty Cameron Gallery has now opened and if you having a trip to California, stop by Encinitas, its a little surfing town, but drop into the Scotty Cameron boutique. You will see all things Scotty Cameron many of there items are one offs, no one else will have them in the entire world. There are more than just putters here, there is also a delightful range of Scotty Cameron apparel., headcovers, hats, ball markers and belt buckles are just a few of the items you will be able to enjoy.

Some of the new Scotty Cameron putters for 2015 are the GoLo 5R and the B shaped GoLo 6, but the GoLo 3 and the GoLo 5 both have a new look in 2015 so check out their features at Scotty Cameron Putters 2015.

At the Scotty Cameron Gallery price is no problem, they will make what your heart desires, they are now taking individual fittings, but you have to book weeks in advance, these fitting are extremely professional, they treat you like royalty.  These putting fittings last about 2 hours and currently cost $350. This is the world's premier putter fitting experience totally focusing on the art of putting and you will be able to buy a one  of a kind Scotty Cameron putter.

There is a lot to take into account when you are looking for the right putter for you, the shape, length weight of the putter and your stroke.


So if you have a dream putter you would like go to the Scotty Cameron Gallery and they will be able to help your dream come true.